Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Hill Harper is a man I consider to be positive person. The first time I realized that was about a years ago, when I purchased his book. (The book is below) The book is basically letters between Hill Harper and a young man. The converse through letters over a period of time. They ask questions back and forth. Hill Harper is basically the young man’s mentor. When I read the book, it inspired me and has stuck with me since. I advise every young black male to read this book by Hill Harper. Below is his mission statement and info about his organization. I found them both interesting and inspiring. You can also find links to his Twitter page and Amazon. (If you would like to purchase the book.)

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide underserved youth a path to empowerment and educational excellence through academic programming, college access skills, and personal development.

The Beginning

Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, is a non-profit youth organization established by Ivy League actor Hill Harper. Despite his many accolades and awards, or maybe because of them, Hill Harper made a commitment to work in service of our youth – to pass along the lessons he learned and to provide a foundation for young men and women to use as a launching pad to success.

Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny by Hill Harper

<<< Here is the book that I read with the actual info below

Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, Harper, a young black actor and graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School, offers similar inspiration to young men clamoring for advice and encouragement at a time when popular culture offers little positive direction. Interspersed throughout are e-mail inquiries from young men and Harper’s responses and those of other celebrities, including Nas, Venus Williams, and Barack Obama. He devotes separate chapters to school and work, sex, and life aspirations, tackling such issues as single parenthood, sexually transmitted diseases, the allure of materialism, and the power of words and faith. Harper offers his personal story: a young man brought up by a demanding father, who developed a relationship with his mother only as he grew older. He views the youth of today as an evolved species, like the latest model car, with improvements that come from the experiences of those who came before. Although aimed at young black men, this book, with its contemporary language and approach, should have appeal for youth of both sexes and all races. Vernon Ford

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