Positive Black Man (Virgil Killebrew)

The mission: Our goal is to enroll one-tenth of one percent (1/10th of 1%) of the recorded population of African-Americans according to the latest government census data. That would be about 350,000 enrollments. Our purpose is to empower individuals to work four hours a month in their own communities to improve their neighborhoods. Our need is for visionaries who can see beyond the limitations of their sight, and who will stand and walk with us by faith.

More Info: There are millions of people who seek solutions to the problems in African American communities. We believe the solution to our problems is YOU! Your tax-deductible contribution of time (4 hours a month) will have a major impact in your home, your church, your school, and your community. Work with us. MoMzBoYz / 4HoursForOurs. Visit us on facebook. Just type in the word “mom” in your facebook search engine and click on either the ‘group’ or the ‘non-profit’ icon.

You can get more info at the link below: