RPBM (Real Powerful Black Men)

This blog is to showcase (rpbm) real powerful black men. We want to see men that are positive, influential, providers, or whatever you consider a real powerful black man. Rather it be your father, brother, cousin, or just a man you know. We even want to acknowledge are younger generation. The purpose of this blog is to show that not all black men are like the one’s depicted on the television and news every night. The goal is to find a million real powerful black men to showcase, then continue on from there. To accomplish this goal, we need your help. We need you to post or send a picture and name, with a few word explaining why this person is a real powerful black man.  Email us at seanhbiz@yahoo.com To give an example, I will start with myself on the next post. 

Thanks, Sean the YE (Young Entrepreneur)